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Testimonials about Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshops with Dr. Fernando Fernandes

‘ I attended the Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshop with Dr. Fernando Fernandes. He has an objective and clear way of teaching. I got the best results with my patients in both cosmetic and obesity treatments.’

– Dr. Felipe Castro, physiotherapist and acupuncturist


‘ Dr. Fernandes is a kind person, one of those rare people that make the world better. I met him at Miguel Couto Hospital (Brazil) 20 years ago in the acupuncture department. He hadn’t received any remuneration for his work – he was working there for the sake of acupuncture and patients. Recently I attended (twice) the Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshop with him and was well worth it – for me and for my patients. The method is really effective and removed from my face (and also from some of my patients face) at least five years of damage. (…) I intend to follow his activities and attend the workshops at least once a year to refresh my knowledge.’

– Dr. Andrea, medical doctor and acupuncturist


‘ Dr. Fernandes has excellent teaching skills and professionalism… His knowledge about acupuncture is really amazing! In addition to this, Fernandes is a person who fascinates us with his deepness, his lifestyle and kindness. I’ve already attended several Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshops with Fernandes and recently I attended the Pain Clinic Workshop. I can assure that I loved all of them! ‘

– Dr. Simone Tano, physiotherapist and acupuncturist


‘ Both Cosmetic Acupuncture Workshop as well as Pain Clinic Workshop met my expectations! What makes those workshops different is that besides the rich theoretical content, Dr. Fernandes provides time enough to the practice. All students get involved and doubts are solved immediately. ‘

– Dr. Andrea Cerqueira, speech therapist and acupuncturist