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You had already seen in my previous post how facial rejuvenation with dermaroller works. Now you’re going to see two videos on Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture with Dermaroller techniques.

See videos and video transcripts below.



Video transcript – Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture with Dermaroller Part I:


– Good afternoon, Andrea. How are you?

– Good afternoon. It’s all right.

– Today we’re going to use the Dermaroller, a revolutionary technique. Dermaroller is the trademark of the device. It was invented in 2009, in Germany, and is making a revolution in cosmetic world. Mainly in Oriental Medicine and in Cosmetic Acupuncture. We’re going to perform a simple procedure. We roll the Dermaroller, that has 580 micro-needles, over the face. This will bring immediately the collagen from the dermis, the layer below the epidermis.

In some areas, our skin is very thin – about 0.05 mm. So we don’t roll the Dermaroller over the eyelid. Our skin has an epidermal layer of 1.5 mm. We’re going to roll the Dermaroller over the face. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes and a revolution will happen here. Ready?

Dermaroller is used to treat acne, wrinkle, stain… Dermaroller causes skin rejuvenation and fills in wrinkles using the collagen from the dermis. Those 580 micro-needles create little ducts that are going to stimulate the circulation of energy, blood and lymph according to our energy concepts. It leaves the skin fresher, increasing tonus and filling in lines and wrinkles. Are you ready?

– Yes.

– We’re going to use lidocaine oinment that is analgesic. It helps to minimize any discomfort with Dermaroller. This treatment is called collagen induction therapy by micro-needles. According to Oriental Medicine, this therapy is related to the increase and unlocking of energy channels that make easier the circulation of blood, lymph and energy.

 I’ll spread the lidocaine over your face and it’ll bring comfort to you. We roll the Dermaroller over the face in four directions. Why Because we need to twist a little the tissue, causing a small tissue injury. That’s our goal, since we need to cause a little inflammation. The skin starts to redden. The positive point is that the recovery is very fast. It takes about 1 hour to these pores be closed. And here comes the stunning result.

At the end of this session, we’re expecting to get at least 60% to 70% in softening of wrinkles and lines, besides the increasing of tone. We also expect to improve the vitality of your skin around 60% to 70%. We roll the Dermaroller over the face in four directions – horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Is it comfortable?

– It’s very comfortable. Considering the number of needles, I figured it would be worse. It’s nice.

– The 580 micro-needles frightened you, didn’t it? But it’s nice. Your skin will blush, as if you had gone to the beach.

Now we can treat the neck, where we notice sagging and double chin sometimes. Note the reddening, a result of the inflammatory process that is our goal now. Your organism reacts and collagen comes from the dermis, the layer beneath the epidermis. We can roll it over the nose and give attention to this line. It would be great to remove this line near the mouth, wouldn’t it?

– It would be great.

– Let’s do it. Here we pull a little to get those wrinkles under the eyes. These ones are the eye wrinkles. You see… the application is smooth. I’m basically using the weight of the Dermaroller with a small pressure and we can already notice redness. Any pain? You feel like minor scratches, don’t you?

– Yes.

– It’s a painless device, created in 2009, in Germany. That’s all. It was quick. You can notice that is really smooth.


Video transcript – Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture with Dermaroller Part II:


– Now we’re going to use the pearl powder. It’s made from the inner part of shell, the mother of pearl. It’s a rich substance which contains a lot of mineral salts, trace elements and skin penetrating capacity of 95% – 99%. It causes a cell multiplication, brightening skin, ensuring the skin restructuring and making a natural facelift. Pearl powder was first used by Chinese empresses 5,000 years ago.

In China, pearl powder is part of Chinese pharmacopoeia. It’s a substance used to treat inflammatory conditions, especially those related to stomach. It has a great anti-inflammatory effect. Here we’re using it for whitening and also to get an anti-inflammatory effect, after using the Dermaroller.

Therefore, the pearl powder is an extraordinary substance and widely used in China. When skin is very dry, we use the pearl powder with another substance. There are some specific Chinese creams to that, like this cream with Chinese herbs and very small gold particles.

This is to a very dry skin. For oily skin we use pure pearl powder. You see that it’s a quick and simple procedure with great effects. I’m going to use now a sunscreen. It’s important that you use it for 1 day. It’s a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30, at least. Why do we use it? To avoid staining.

In TCM, our face is a reflex zone, as well as the ear. So, when you use Dermaroller you are working on several acupuncture points and acting in all the system. According to TCM, wrinkles are caused by an energy imbalance of some organs and viscera. As, for example, the wrinkles of liver, those ones that appear here. Or the wrinkles of energy imbalance from stomach, that appear here. And the worry lines, from spleen, that appear here.

Before wrinkles appear, there is an energy imbalance and this predicts the formation of wrinkles that join with the facial movement. We’re going to take care of your health and of your self-esteem at same time, since we need to treat the lung in order to treat your skin.

We need spleen to control tonus, and then you need to keep the appropriate energy levels of spleen. That’s it. Self-esteem and health at same time. This is our goal, that’s the differential of cosmetic acupuncture and the difference between Western and Oriental cosmetic.

It’s a treatment inside-out and outside-in, in other words, health and self-esteem.

– Thank you.

– Let’s see how much your skin had improved? Take a mirror. Look and say me how much you think the lines near the mouth are smoother – give me a grade from 1 to 10. From 1 to 10, how much do you think those wrinkles are better?

– They’re really better, grade 8.

– Improved 80%, right? Now, let’s evaluate the bloom of skin and the tissue nutrition. Touch your skin. The treatment enhances the nutrition of blood, lymph and energy. Evaluate the bloom of your skin now, from 1 to 10.

– 6.

– 60%. Now contract your muscles. Move a little. Where do you think muscles become more tense?

– In this region, especially here.

– Ok, we can notice a lifting, a muscle contraction. It rose slightly. So, in general, how do you think it improved with this first session with Dermaroller – from 1 to 10?

– Considering all the aspects, it improved 70%.

– 70%. In this case, we would do 1 session per week. The whole treatment usually takes only 5 sessions, ok? With 5 sessions maybe we can get 10 years of rejuvenation. Is this ok for you? It’s comfortable, isn’t it? We use analgesic ointment.

Usually, patients notice a 60%-70% improvement in their skin with only one session. We notice that wrinkles are smoother. This line really rose, didn’t it?

– I really liked the result. Very good.

– Thank you.

– Thank you. Thank you for you patience.


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